Your Unemployment Insurance Questions, Answered
Affected workers asked to apply online at

The COVID-19 crisis has required unprecedented action by state government to ensure the safety of Minnesotans. Governor Walz has taken action through Executive Order 20-04 to temporarily close all restaurants, bars, and other non-essential public businesses. We know this affects hundreds of thousands of workers in Minnesota who may now find themselves temporarily unemployed.
That’s why the Governor also signed Executive Order 20-05 to ensure Minnesotans affected by the COVID-19 crisis have access to unemployment benefits, and to ensure that businesses aren’t required to pay into the system to cover these additional costs.
We know many people and businesses are now learning more about this essential federal program than ever before. You can find lots of information on our website where we have a detailed FAQ available.
But in addition, we want to highlight some of the most frequent questions we’re getting about the program here in our blog.
Most importantly, we ask that anyone who is applying for UI and has access to the Internet please use our website, Our call centers are reserved for Minnesotans who are digitally disconnected, or who need language support. We can’t stress this enough – please apply online.