In support of fire sprinkler systems

I 100% agree and support Minnesota legislation requiring fire sprinklers in high rise buildings (or any building) having lived in a high rise building for over 17 years in Brainerd.

There have been multiple small fires at my apartment building I live at over the years luckily all have been contained thanks in part to sprinkler systems and the way the building was constructed. Yes there has been some damage by the sprinklers but fire and smoke damage is worse than water damage. There were minimal direct injuries from fires (I know a few) while I was at the apartment building especially not from outside of the area it happened. I also do not know of any direct deaths from fires in the building I live at.
There was someone who directly (accidentally) lit her hair on fire that was hurt and some hurt due to aches from cleaning up and taking stairways.

It could have been a much worse situation like what had been seen in London and Minneapolis high rises.

So I think fire suppression systems and properly working alarm systems are a must for high rise (and other buildings) so people can survive fires safely.

In a related note I am against the legalization of marijuana due to allergies of smoke, possible fire damage, and possible food contamination. Also against legalization since it conflicts with federal law and people have damaged this web site with propaganda that I had to close off open entry to my web site. I do see a need to reduce sentencing so jails (and rehab centers) do not get filled up and people can live on with their lives.

I think everything possible should be done to keep people safe in high rise building and enjoy a healthy life in the broader community.